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February 28, 2014
Ideas with milk bottles with caps

Mini Milk Bottles

and Test Tube Cylinders

 Milk glass milk bottles with caps Mini glass milk bottles with caps test tubes test tubes

Party ideas are endless with our gorgeous with our new mini glass milk bottles with  screw cap.

Serve up your favourite drink, cut a piece of our bakers twine and our tag with the name

on it, it really gives a personal touch. Or maybe or as well add some favourite little sweets

we have used mini jelly beans in assorted colours add a matching colour bakers twine and

again personalize with a tag. These are just a couple of ideas  ENJOY!!

We also have had just arrive our test tube cylinders perfect as a party favour, they are made of






December 17, 2013
Our Mason Jars and Christmas Straws

Mason Jars

Mason Jars Mason Jars Christmas Straws

Love the idea of these gorgeous Plastic Mason Jars we were able to get our hands on,

not only are they an unbreakable plastic, they come with a gorgeous daisy pewter lid. 

Really? Who would of thought this would be a way of consuming beverages these days.

Perfect for your Christmas drinks, kids party drinks, or fill with sweets or Christmas cooking

for gifts. The uses are endless.Ours are  17 oz approx 500ml, a good size to fill.

Designed with a hole at the top for a straw.

November 26, 2013
A Vintage Christmas

 A Vintage Christmas

 We are seeing lots of hessian, recycled and natural Vintage christmas decorations this year

 which is great to see. Our vintage style christmas decorations including our hessian santa sacks

 are all available from our Christmas Decorations section.

 Christmas Decorations


August 6, 2013
Mini Chalkboards Blackboards

Mini Chalkboards

Who would of thought the trusty old blackboard would make a come back for party celebrations? Well here we have Mini Chalkboards in three styles, suitable for many things.  Our two wooden scroll  styles one on a stand which you can also remove the base and use a a pick, the other has a hessian rope for hanging. Why not add our chalkboards to your lolly, candy or dessert buffet.


June 26, 2013
Pretty High Tea

 Pretty High Tea Party Themes 

We now have a HUGE range of High Tea Party Supplies available. Our popular themes from the UK include Truly Scrumptious Tea Party Theme, Pastries & Pearls Tea Party Theme, Enchanted Rose Tea Party Theme. A High Tea Afternoon get together is a perfect way to catch up with friends, or a special occasion such as a Baby Shower or a Bridal Shower.

Enchanted Rose Tea Party Theme

  High Tea Party Theme

  Truly Scrumptious Tea Party Theme

  High Tea Party Theme

 Pastries & Pearls Tea Party Theme

  High Tea Party Theme

  Love in The Afternoon Tea Party Theme.  ARRIVING MID JULY.

 High Tea Party Theme

April 28, 2013
Mothers Day

 Mothers Day Idea's

 Mother's Day is less than 2 weeks away.

 Who has started making plans for a special day?

 Hight Tea Party Tea Party Hight Tea Party Theme

 l'm always looking for ideas to share. l came a cross an idea which is quite inexpensive,



 A recycled teacup from an opp shop for just a couple of dollars.

 Floral foam from spotlight or Lincraft.

 Some lovely hand picked flowers from your garden.

 Some water to keep fresh.

 Cellophane and add a bow.... PERFECT.


 Can be used for a beautiful cup of tea after the flowers have finished.

 Have you had a look at some of our great pieces to add to your Mother's Day Celebration?

 Our High Tea Party Themes are always very popular this time of the year and often

 sell quickly. Without the expense of real china tea sets our high tea themes are made of strong

 card and if looked after many of the pieces can be stored and used again such as teapot vases

 and our cake stands.


March 6, 2013
Vintage Styling Tags


 Purchase any of our 7 gorgeous single coloured packs of 6 Vintage Styling Tags for only $9.95

 candy jar tags

Vintage Styling Tags.

Our own designed gorgeous Vintage Styling Tags are made of luxury materials and Australian made.

Designed with that Vintage feel in a range of seven great colours including Red, 

Green, Black, Grey, Yellow, Blue, and Pink, complimented with gorgeous grosgrain ribbon.

Tag size 7cm x 5cm - Including ribbon length 20cm. Sold in packs of 6 single colours.

 candy jar tags candy jar tags candy jar tags

 candy jar tags candy jar tags candy jar tags


February 19, 2013


 We have a some of our favourite and popular selling Glassware now back in stock.

  Plus we have a larger range of Apothecary Glass Jars for any occasion.

 Our website has a great range of party items to match up with all our glassware.

 Glass Jar Glass Dome Cake Stand Glass Candy Jar


February 2, 2013
Fun idea's with milk bottles

 Fun idea's with milk bottles

 We have some fun ideas for decorating our glass milk bottles.....

 Firstly put one egg white into a small bowl and some sprinkles into another bowl also,

 dip the rim of the milk bottle into the egg white and then into sprinkles,

 it makes a great extra touch, add some flavoured milk and one of our coloured striped paper straws,

 Our milk bottles are also available in 200ml size

 Milk Bottles Milk Bottles Milk Bottles

 Milk Bottles Milk Bottles 


December 6, 2012
Vintage Gift Tags

N E W! Gorgeous Vintage Styling Gift Tags.

Our Partylish designed and made in Australia gift tags are perfect for  a vintage feel with

any great celebration. Available in seven great colours pink, green, yellow, blue, black, grey

and red, designed with a vintage retro stripe will match perfectly hanging on our apothecary glass jars

or a candy or dessert buffet they are finished with  gorgeous grosgrain ribbon.

Vintage Gift Tags Vintage Gift Tags  

We also have a fantastic range of Apothecary Glass Jars.

Vintage Gift Tags Vintage Gift Tags Vintage Gift Tags Vintage Gift Tags 

Vintage Gift Tags Vintage Gift Tags Vintage Gift Tags

November 12, 2012
Vintage Parties

Vintage Parties

Who thinks back to the days when they were kids with the old fashion styled partyware?

We have a gorgeous new theme from the UK Belle & Boo with gorgeous tableware including

Belle & Boo paper plates, Belle & Boo paper cups, Belle & Boo party platters, party banners, tablecovers

also including gorgeous retro Vintage paper straws and much more from this vintage theme Belle & Boo.

Belle & Boo Vintage themed party

Belle & Boo Donkey Cart

October 22, 2012
Baby Shower or Special Occasions

A Baby Shower or Special Occasion

What do you think of our two brand NEW themes?

Our new Vintage Lace Party Theme is sure to be a very poular. With gorgeous soft white perfect for a

Baby shower, 1st birthday party, Christening, Bridal Shower or Wedding.

Vintage Lace Party Theme Rock-a-bye baby party theme

What about this gorgeous theme for a baby shower or 1st birthday party?

Rock-a-bye baby party theme is just beautiful from the unusual rock-a-bye baby cupcake stand to matching

table confetti, this theme is sure to be the talk of your special celebration.

October 15, 2012


 Xmas is nearing very quickly, believe it or not it's less than 10 weeks.

 We have started getting a gorgeous range of different xmas themed party supplies from

 the usual mainstream. Our xmas themes are designed in the UK and USA

 and are unique, you wont find everywhere.

 We have gorgeous Meri Meri xmas cupcake kits

 and Meri Meri xmas garland and Meri Meri xmas cake stands.

Meri meri xmas pary supplies

Xmas party supplies

 Arriving late October our new exciting range Ginger Ray UK including tiered xmas cake stands,

 gorgeous santa hat glass decorations, Christmas Cheer sticks for your cupcakes or mince pies.

 Match up with our solid colour red party range.




September 10, 2012

It's Springtime.                                                             

Spring is already here and our new Tissue Paper Pom Poms have arrived in a range

of bright colours with more in the following weeks to come. Our Tissue Paper Pom Poms will

compliment any special occasion. Spring brings in the vibrancy of new growth, activity

and warmth. The seeds are sprouting, flowers bloom and the sun warms the earth.

The body is freed from the work of keeping warm against the cold of winter and can now

expressnew beginnings like a new baby many of our colours will compliment a baby shower party.

Tissue Paper Pom Poms


August 15, 2012
Party Styling Ideas

Party Styling Ideas!

Are you anything like me when organizing a birthday party and "just a little over the top?"

My kids are now near adults, but l still like to put a party together, even if its not my daughters

1st birthday cake of mickey & mini mouse and my twin son & daughters 1st birthday banana

in pjamas birthday cakes anymore, its still alot of fun!

Party ideas

- l have found a themed party is always easier, whether its a girls party theme, boys party theme,

  a baby shower, 1st birthday theme, a hight tea party, we have many from our website available.

Organisation! Research! Preparation! will make a successful party!

- Decide on a venue, where you are going to have it. If it looks like its going to be nice weather,

  then go to the park, bring the food and birthday cake and decorate the bbq shelter at the park and

  when you go home the house will be a clean & tidy house.

- Gather some ideas for your theme, make sure you have plenty of everything, you dont want to run out!

- Keep food to a minimum, l have always found maybe 3 sweet & 3 savoury is plenty, kids tend

  to not eat alot at parties and are too excited and want to play and enjoy the activities.

- Try cooking the food & store it in the freezer a couple of weeks before the party,

  eg:  homemade sausage rolls, cupcakes or even the birthday cake, that way you only have the decorating

  to do before the party.... Finishing it off with some fresh flowers is nice.